tirsdag 9. oktober 2007

”Push it to it’s extreme

Lecture with Natasha Barrett 09.10.07

It was a lot of technical discussions during this lecture, it was fun to listen to a person with so much knowledge on a field of such a complexity. One thing is to know a lot, a totally different thing is to talk about it in a way so it makes sense to an audience without the same interest. Ok, at some point I lost it completely…”psychoacoustics”?

Recording sound, often sounds of an familiar object/situation in an unfamiliar context. Have you ever heard the sound of a glacier heard from underneath the water? Or the sound of a waterfall from underneath the water? Putting the microphone in an environment that now one has ever done before that is one of the way she works.

She was really in to this 3 dimensional sound, and to keep the sound picture as the listener was mowing around in the room. She created an illusion that the sound was in the room, it was a point in space.

The way she was working was to pick out small things, details and push them out to it’s extreme. This way she was able to find new expressions of familiar sounds.

Here is Natasha’s website, have a look.

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