lørdag 27. oktober 2007

Sleep on it

For the first time in my life I get a newspaper in my mailbox every day. Got the newspaper free for four weeks, during the period I almost decided to keep on with it. When this guy called me to ask if I would like to keep it, I just had to buy it. Dagsavisen is a very good newspaper, they present the material in a professional way. You can’t compare it to some of the more tabloid newspapers on the market where most of the “news” are about celebrities and their way of life.

The reason that I mention Dagsavisen is because that every Saturday, they got an extra newspaper with articles from The New York Times. This time they had some articles on sleeping and dreaming and how it affects the human. Like to read it? This will send you to the right place.

“We think what’s happening during the sleep is that you open the aperture of memory and are able to see this bigger picture” said Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Berkeley.

The fact that the brain is working hard during the might is fascinating; I wonder if it ever takes some time off, maybe I have to wait for my death? But then it’s kind of late…

When I’m in the middle of a start up or in a tough period during a project I have noticed that the brain is working hard when I’m trying to go to sleep. Some times it’s quite annoying, turning on the light every 6th minute to draw or write down what ever occurred as a brilliant idea. Some times it is a good one!

If the brain I working with the bigger picture during the night it might be a good idea to go to sleep, even when you are in a lace of time. During the time that your head is on the pillow it is solving some of the most difficult problems you got on your mind. All this during the rest, it’s like having a servant that cleans your house, prepare the food and fix up the garden wile you self is relaxing with a good book or so.

I wonder if it is possible to control the activity of the brain so that I’m able to create more ideas when I need them. What kind of activity is the best to facilitate the brain so it creates a lot of ideas? It happens that I forget an appointment, the most annoying is when I remember it by my self, but of course to late. How can I stimulate the brain in such way that it wont forget things I’ve got to remember? It’s not a big problem, as long as I remember to write the important stuff in the calendar on my phone…

…one of the things I see as a grown up thing is to subscribe on a newspaper, I guess that makes me one step closer to grow up?

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