tirsdag 9. oktober 2007


The launch of the book “Slagkraft” written of Erik Lerdal

The book Slagkraft was launched at DogA Sep.25. Together with Erik was our own Simon Clatworthy who said some words of the challenges you will face when you try to differentiate from your competitors. Ragnar Johnasen, from the marketing department in Orkla, who emphasized the ability to push your ideas further into concepts. Then Stig Haug, from Stig&Stein, talking about his dream. The dream was to work together with unusual people with desires and luck. A guy from Tandberg said that they used the patent processes to develop new products.

They had focus on the same thing, but in different ways. The gold was to develop in some way, but they had all their way of doing so. Have started reading the book (it’s in Norwegian) this way I may find or develop my own way of working with the process of creativity. Have only read the first couple of chapters, have a good first impression.

When I’m talking about books I would like to recommend the book of Stig Haug with the title: Kreativ ABC (also in Norwegian…). It’s no problem to read trough it during one afternoon. At some points it’s great fun!

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